Simplified Material (English) 10th class

Simplified Material
Main Course-X
1. The Happy Prince
1.       It stood on a tall column/ pillar.
2.       It was decorated with gold and a red ruby.
3.       The swallow was going to Egypt.
4.       Because it was a good position with fresh air.
5.       The drops were coming from the eyes of the Happy Prince.
6.       Because he could see the problems of the people.
7.       She was poor. Her face was thin.
8.       Because he had fever. He was hungry also.
9.       They helped her by giving her the ruby.
10.   Because he had done a good action.
11.   Cold and hunger troubled him.
12.   He was helped with a sapphire.
13.   Because her matches were spoiled.
14.   Because Happy Prince was blind now.
15.   The poor Swallow managed to live by flapping her wings.
16.   Because it was not beautiful now.
17.   The lead heart of Happy Prince and the dead swallow were the two most precious things in the city.

2. Where is Science Taking Us?
1.       Because it is doing nothing for non-material things.
2.       Machines are saving man’s time and energy.
3.       The greatest triumph of the Science is to provide food, clothing and shelter to all the people.
4.       War causes death and destruction.
5.       Because average life of human has increased.
6.       The morals and ethics are declining in the modern world.
7.       A small advance in charity, justice and mercy is needed today.
8.       Because life is becoming more and more interesting.

3. Secret of Happiness
1.       When he begins to realize himself.
2.       The student was enthralled to learn about the failure of average man.
3.       Yes, he changed.
4.       There is a great store of unused power in the personality of every man.
5.       Weak personality can become strong with the use of inward power.
6.       He would preach against fear.
7.       People experience fear of ill health, losing money and future.
8.       He found a small Chipmunk.
9.       One can have a real escape from fear by having deep faith in God.
10.   One can have a real escape from fear by having deep faith in God.
4. A Gift for Christmas
1.       Because she did not have enough money to buy present for her husband.
2.       The house was small. The sofa was small. Their clothes were old.
3.       She has planned for something rare and nice for Jim.
4.       Jim’s gold watch and Della’s long hair.
5.       She bought a simple and well made platinum watch chain for Jim.
6.       She sold her hair.
7.       She felt nervous.
8.       He simply looked at her with a strange expression on his face.
9.       She said she did not have enough money to buy present for him.
10.   A set of combs was in the package.
11.   He sold his gold watch.
5. The War of Troy
1.       Eris was not invited.
2.       She was very angry. She wanted to take revenge.
3.       She threw a golden apple in the feast.
4.       ‘Meant for the fairest’ was written on the apple.
5.       The three goddesses claimed the apple.
6.       Because he did not want to take any risk.
7.       Hera promised power. Athene promised fame. Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman as his wife.
8.       Because he would bring ruin to Troy one day.
9.       His prize was Helen.
10.   The Greek army besieged Troy to bring back Helen.
11.   Hector tried to run back to Troy. Achillies killed him with his spear.
12.   Achillies would die young.
13.   The gods guided Paris’ to aim arrow at the heel of Achillies. He died.
14.   No, they did not turn back.
15.   The Greek soldiers were inside the wooden horse.
16.   The priest suggested not taking the horse inside the city.
17.   He said the horse was a peace offering to a goddess.
18.   The soldiers came out of the horse at night.
19.   Yes, the Greeks got Helen at last.
6. Some Glimpses of Ancient India
1.       Gods were losing in a fight against demons. That caused desperation to the gods.
2.       They went to Lord Vishnu in desperation.
3.       He advised them to make a powerful sword.
4.       He sacrificed his life to defeat demons.
5.       The real spirit behind yajnas is ‘this does not belong to me’.
6.       It proves Indians believe in the unity of life in all forms.
7.       They laughed at his misshapen body.
8.       He was very angry.
9.       He said character of a man makes him great not his clothes.
10.   The status of women was very good in ancient India. She was worshipped as a goddess.
11.   He bowed his head to restore the respect of the woman.
12.   They were fought to protect the respect of woman.
13.   This shows there was never any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and profession.
7. The Home Coming
1.       He was the ring leader among the boys of the village.
2.       He planned to roll away the log from its place.
3.       Because he refused to obey Phatik.
4.       His new plan was to move Makhan and the log over together.
5.       Because he lied to the mother.
6.       No, he was not speaking the truth.
7.       Because she thought he would put Makhan in danger one day.
8.       His aunt was not happy. She did not welcome him.
9.       Because he was the most backward boy in the school.
10.   She was very angry. She scolded him.
11.   He had malaria. He did not want to upset his aunt.
12.   Because Phatik was very sick. He was looking for his mother.
13.   His last words were, “Mother, the holidays have come.”
8. The Making of Earth
1.       The heavenly bodies that move around the sun are called planets.
2.       The sun and the planets make a system which is called solar system.
3.       Stars twinkle but planets do not twinkle.
4.       They twinkle because they are very hot and burning.
5.       Little bits of Sun shot out into the air. Later on it cooled down and took the form of Earth.
6.       After the Earth cooled down, the rain filled all it ’s great hollows. Thus, ocean and seas were formed.
9. The Rule of the Road
1.       Because she thought she was free to walk anywhere.
2.       If everybody started thinking like her then there would be a great chaos.
3.       He symbolizes freedom.
4.       No, we cannot do whatever we feel like doing.
5.       He was reading a ‘Blue Book’ during the journey.
6.       Because he was not reading the ‘Blue Book’ for pleasure.
7.       A talkative passenger disturbed him with his loud voice.
8.       He was talking on each and every subject.
9.       Thinking about the rights of others is the basis of social contract.
10.   We must take care of our own freedom and also of others.
10. The Merchant of Venice
1.       Portia was dressed like a lawyer. She had the recommendation of Mr. Bellario.
2.       Antonio has failed to return the money. Shylock files a case against him.
3.       Shylock wants a pound of flesh near to Antonio’s heart.
4.       Because she wants to save the life of Antonio.
5.       He only wants a pound of flesh near to Antonio’s heart.
6.       Bassanio offers the Jew double or ten times the amount borrowed by Antonio.
7.       He calls him a Daniel when he talks in the favour of Shylock.
8.       Because he wants to kill Antonio.
11. The Grief
1.       Because he is covered with snow.
2.       The first passenger is an officer and he wants to go to Viborg Way.
3.       No, he is not driving the cab properly.
4.       Iona’s only son has died in the story.
5.       He wants to share his grief with others.
6.       Three young men are the next passengers.
7.       No, they don’t listen to what Iona wants to say.
8.       They treat him badly.
9.       ‘Moist ground’ refers to the grave of Iona’s son.
10.   No, Iona is not able to tell the passengers how his son died.
12. Fathers and Sons
1.       The two men were talking about their sons and their foolishness.
2.       Because he could not think at all.
3.       He said his son could not think at all.
4.       He wanted to own a big red car and he got 20 pounds for it.
5.       He was sent to a flower shop to buy a car.
6.       He asked him to go to his work place.
7.       He thought his father could not think at all.
8.       He said his father could not think at all.
9.       They concluded that their sons could not think at all.
10.   They concluded that their fathers could not think at all.

1.       Robert Harding was a forty years old man. His wife, sister-in-law, and two young children lived with him.
2.       Matilda had gone to visit her mother in Iowa. Infact she was killed by her husband.
3.       They stopped there to discuss some business matter.
4.       A long vine began to shake.
5.       The two men were Revd Gruber and Attorney Hyatt. The vine began to shake.
6.       They talked to their friends at Norton.
7.       They went to see the shaking vine with their friends. The vine began to shake.
8.       People from neighborhood went to see the shaking of vine.
9.       Some people from neighborhood suggested that. But while digging out people saw a formation of human body.
10.   It was Mrs. Harding’s skeleton. It was without left foot and Mrs. Harding also did not have left foot.
11.   Yes the vine replaced. The Sheriff ordered it.
12.   Her relatives told that she did not visit them.


1.       He was hit by a car and lost his eyesight.
2.       He was a painter.
3.       He met Naeem in the hospital. He was there for his eyes treatment.
4.       The author regain his confidence when Naeem encouraged him to paint and also praised his paintings.
5.       Author got upset. Naeem consoled him.
6.       He got the money by selling his paintings. Naeem helped him. He bought his paintings.
7.       Naeem had left the hospital then.
8.       No the author did not know that Naeem was also blind like him. Because Naeem described the scenes and praised the paintings in detail.
9.       Because he had spent all his money in buying the paintings of the author.
10.   The author got upset. His eyes were filled with tears of regret.
11.   Naeem was a painter and he had painted four seasons.
12.   It means that author could see the world again and paint again. But another artist Naeem was not able to do so.
1.       He managed to get rice from far off villages.
2.       Those days were when he was a small boy. Because couldn’t enjoy his childhood like other boys.
3.       He knew all about rice.
4.       Because of scarcity he sold the rice at high price. He did not follow the rules. He bribed the officer.
5.       Subbiah also lent money at high interest.
6.       A poor  man came to him. At first, he told him that he had some other business. But in the end he agreed to give rice.
7.       He agreed to sell him half seer of rice for half a rupee.
8.       He didn’t want to show his secret godown. So he told that he had to bring rice from other man who would not agree if he sees him.
9.       He went to the secret godown.
10.   The man waited for Subbiah for long time. He waited till morning.
11.   The man went to Subbiah’s house. He was taken to his secret godown by Subbiah’s wife.
12.   Subbiah died by getting buried under rice bags.
1.       Lawyer Tolman gave $ 1000 to Robert Gillian. The money belonged to Robert’s uncle. It was written in his will.
2.       Because It was much less amount.
3.       Bobby Gillian would give spending details of $ 1000.
4.       The butler, the housekeeper and Miss Hayden got ten dollars each.
5.       Because Bryson didn’t like him. He suggested him to buy a home; pure milk for one hundred babies; or spent some time in art galleries; provide education to a boy; or to buy pendant for Miss Lota Lauriere.
6.       Gillian accepted the suggestion of buying a diamond pendant for Miss Lota Lauriere. Then he went to Columbia Theatre.
7.       Miss Lotta Lauriere was an actress. She didn’t welcome Gillian’s coming. She was not happy with his offer. Because she wanted a costlier pendant.
8.       Gillian asked him how he would use one thousand dollar. He didn’t like his answer because he said “oh, no”.
9.       Gillian next talked to a blind man. Gillian asked him how he would use one thousand dollar.
10.   The Lawyers.
11.   Because he wanted to help her. He asked for a piece of paper to write a note.
12.   He wrote that he paid $1000 to the best and dearest woman on the earth.
13.   He went to give the spending details of $1000.
14.   He wrote if Robert had spent $1000 wisely, he would get another$5000.
15.   He told the lawyer that he had spent $1000 on the races. He was not sorry for his actions.

1.       She was Sherlock Holme’s landlady. She went to bring  Watson.
2.       Holmes got the illness from Chinese sailor while working on a case. But it was a made up story.
3.       Holmes was in serious condition. He had fever, flushed cheeks, twitched hands and was listless.
4.       Holmes had an infective disease and Watson could be infected.
5.       Watson was asked to stay in Holmes’ house till six o’clock.
6.       There was a poisonous spring in the box. Watson thought that illness had affected Holmes.
7.       Holmes asked Watson to put half crowns in his pockets, light the gas lamp half on and place letters and papers on the table.
8.       Culverton Smith was a planter and a killer. Holmes wanted to entrap him.
9.       Holmes asked Watson to tell Smith that his condition was very serious.
10.   Smith did not welcome Watson. Because he asked his butler to tell Watson that he was not at home.
11.   Holmes had asked him not to do so.
12.   Smith asked him about the health of Holmes.
13.   Smith did not go near Holmes. Because he himself had made planned to infect him.
14.   Victor was Culverton’s nephew. Culverton Smith had killed Victor Smith.
15.   Smith killed his nephew with the infected spring. No Holmes didn’t really meant that. It was a part of his plan.
16.   Because he wanted Holmes to get the deadly disease.
17.   Holmes asked Smith to turn up the gas to send a signal to inspector.
18.   Inspector Morton arrested Smith. Culverton Smith had killed Victor Smith.
19.   Because Holmes wanted to entrap Smith. To appear ill, he drank nothing for three days and also applied some makeup.
20.   Yes, as all this helped his plan to be carried out successfully.


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