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Simplified Material (English) 10th class

Simplified Material Main Course-X 1. The Happy Prince 1.It stood on a tall column/ pillar. 2.It was decorated with gold and a red ruby. 3.The swallow was going to Egypt. 4.Because it was a good position with fresh air. 5.The drops were coming from the eyes of the Happy Prince. 6.Because he could see the problems of the people. 7.She was poor. Her face was thin. 8.Because he had fever. He was hungry also. 9.They helped her by giving her the ruby. 10.Because he had done a good action. 11.Cold and hunger troubled him. 12.He was helped with a sapphire. 13.Because her matches were spoiled. 14.Because Happy Prince was blind now. 15.The poor Swallow managed to live by flapping her wings. 16.Because it was not beautiful now. 17.The lead heart of Happy Prince and the dead swallow were the two most precious things in the city.
2. Where is Science Taking Us? 1.Because it is doing nothing for non-material things. 2.Machines are saving man’s time and energy. 3.