Simplified Paragraphs

Simplified Paragraphs


1.    An Indian Festival
India is known for festivals. Diwali is the most famous Hindu festival. On this day, Lord Rama returned from exile. On this day, people clean their houses and shops. They light their houses. They send greetings, sweets and presents to their friends. They worship goddess Lakshmi. Children explode crackers. Some people gamble on this day. It is not good. I like Diwali very much.

2.    Good Manners
 Good manners oil the machine of life. They earn us respect. The words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ settle bitter quarrels. Good manners should be observed everywhere. We should respect our elders and be polite to the younger. We should talk less and listen more. We should learn to take turn and wait in queue. Civility of behavior is social and moral obligation. Bad manners create bitterness everywhere. So good manners are very important in life.

3.    Leisure
Life is not worth living, if we remain busy in work. A lot of energy is wasted in over work. But it can be restored by leisure. One must enjoy the sights of nature. It helps to develop new tastes and creative hobbies like painting and music. But busy-men miss all this. Moreover, overwork causes ailments of heart and brain.  Leisure is very important in life. We must make the right use of leisure.

4.    My mother land
 India is my motherland. She is also the motherland of many saints, sages and warriors. India is the oldest civilization and the biggest democracy in the world. She is the torch bearer of the world-peace process. People of different religions and cultural background live in India. There is unity in diversity. She has made a great progress in the field of science also. She is now a nuclear power state. She is rich in heritage and natural resources. She has hard working people. I am proud of my motherland.


1.    A visit to a hospital
My friend met with an accident last Sunday. I went to the hospital to see him. It was a big hospital. It had many wards. My friend was admitted in a special ward. His leg was operated and bandaged. He had a massive fracture. There were many able doctors. The nurses were very cheerful and cooperative. I stayed with my friend for half an hour and came back.

2.    A street Hawker
A street hawker is a familiar figure. He can be seen near schools, bus stands and in streets. He shouts in full voice to sell his things. He attracts the customers by adding adjectives to his wares. He sells vegetables, fruits, ice-cream etc. He sells sometimes stale things. He sells his things at high rates. His life is very hard.

3.    Science Fair in Our School
Yesterday, a science fair was organized in our school. It was inaugurated by District Education Officer. There were 120 items on display. Most of them were working models. The fair showed newness. Everyone was fascinated. The students explained their models with confidence. The students and teachers had worked hard. Everyone appreciated the efforts.

4.    A scene at a bus stand
Last Sunday, I went to Delhi by bus.  I went to the main bus stand. The  bus stand always presents a colourful spectacle (view). During the day, it presents a scene of mini bazaar. From booking window, I bought tickets and boarded the bus. The Beggars were begging a coin or two. Some people were eating peanuts, taking tea and some were reading newspaper. We should always be aware of pick pockets at bus stands. Soon the conductor gave the whistle. I said ‘bye’ to my cousin.

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